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Eiffel tower bahria town karachi

Eiffel Tower – A Resemblance of Paris

Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town Karachi is must-visit location for all the residents and tourist of Pakistan, It’s referred as “little Paris” because it is offering a View of Paris without leaving your country. It serves as a symbol of beauty, a place where you can create adorable memories with your family, friends, or loved ones.

An 80-meter tall structure of the Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town Karachi provides a Charming view of the town and its surroundings, making it the perfect spot to appreciate the city’s landscapes and skyline.

The real magic happens when the sun sets, and the Eiffel Tower comes to display of lights. Which is decorate with a transitional array of colors, creating an elegant scene that attract the hearts of visitors.

It’s also a great place for a photo-shoot. With Eiffel Tower’s backdrop will make your pictures stand out, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Tips for your experience when visiting the Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town Karachi:

  • Eiffel Tower Bahria Town Karachi is located in Bahria Sports City.
  • The best time to visit this place is during the week when it’s less crowded. And, if you’re visiting on a weekend, be prepared for crowds.
  • Visit at night to enjoy the Eiffel tower’s beautiful illumination.
  • Bring your camera to capture the memories of your visit.
  • There are couple of food cabins and cafes located near the Eiffel Tower Bahria Town Karachi. You can also bring your own food and drinks to enjoy on the grounds of the tower.

Eiffel Tower Ticket

The entrance fee of Eiffel tower is Rs.200/- per person and if you want to take a ride to the top of the tower for stunning views of the city, the ticket cost of a ride is Rs.1000/- per person.

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