Houses For Rent In Bahria Town Karachi

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Houses For Rent In Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi offers luxury houses with amazing facilities for residents. The main concern when you are searching for a house for rent in Bahria Town Karachi is the facilities against rent value. Bahria Town Karachi Houses are one of the best state of the art designs in Pakistan. Everyone wants a peaceful neighbourhood where one can enjoy quality time with family. Bahria Town Karachi Houses covered areas start from 125 square yards to 500 square yards. The rent depends on the location and size of the House at current market rents starting from Rs.30,000/- to Rs.90,000/-. The agreement will be 3 months security deposit and 3 months advance rent for all house types. BTL provides the latest and updated listings for houses for rent in Bahria Town Karachi. 

Villas for rent Bahria Town Karachi

Types Of Houses In Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Overseas Block Precinct 1 Houses

These Houses are located at the start of Bahria Town Karachi just 200 meters away from the main gate. Precinct 1 House covers a land area of 250 square yards with multiple designs to choose from. These precinct 1 houses are named Bahria Overseas Block as it is dedicated to Overseas Pakistanis only. These Overseas villas are designed with a 3 bed and 4 bed with attach bathrooms. A garage is inside the main gate of the house. A beautiful garden is at the from which provides a lush green look and adds beauty to the villa.You can easily find from our listings a good house for rent in precinct 1 at the most affordable rent. The rent of Precinct 1 House starts from Rs.85,000/- on a 3 months security and 3 months deposit basis.

bahria town karachi overseas block
bahria town karachi quaid villa

Quaid Villa Bahria Town Karachi

Quaid Villas are 200 square yards luxury villas in Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 2. Quaid Villa Bahria Town Karachi are also known as Bahria Homes. These villas are a state of the art modern 3 bedrooms design with ground plus one floor. 3 attach bathrooms with a wide spacious lounge and a dining area provides an immense look to its interior with a beautiful staircase leading to the first floor lobby area. There is a utility room where you can install geyser and gas cylinders. A washing area where you can do laundry very easily even an electric outlet where you can connect laundry washing machines and dryer appliances. There is a wide alley with a staircase leading up to the first floor servant quarter with an attach washroom. There is one garage for your car and a beautiful garden at the front. As of year 2022 the rents of Quaid Villas are between Rs.80,000/- to Rs.95,000/-. You can view below the floor plan of Bahria Quaid Villa.

Quaid Villa Bahria Town Karachi Floor Plan

Quaid Villa Floor Plan

Iqbal Villa Bahria Town Karachi

Iqbal Villas are located at precinct 2 Bahria Town Karachi. Iqbal Villas are 152 square yards villas with a beautiful hut-type design. The floor plan is very well designed with a beautiful interior maintaining a wide bedrooms and lounge areas. Ground floor hasten bedroom with an attach bathroom, a utility room for gas cylinders and water heaters, a store room, a dining area and one wide kitchen. Stairs are going up from the main lounge towards the first floor. First floor has a main lobby area, 3 bedrooms with attach bathrooms, a store room and a balcony to enjoy the beautiful view of Bahria Town Karachi neat and clean streets and landscapes. A parking garage is at the front of the villa where you can easily park 1 car. A side alley with a washing area and the staircase which goes up to the servant quarter. Check out our latest listings for Iqbal Villas For Rent. Iqbal Villas rents starts from Rs.45,000/-. You can contact Bahria Town Listings for any kind of information and property details. See the Floor plan of Iqbal Villa Bahria Town Karachi below for more understanding.

Bahria Town Karachi villas

Iqbal Villa Bahria Town Karachi Floor Plan

Iqbal Villa Floor Plan

Precinct 10 Villas For rent

Precinct 10 Villas are divided in to 2 categories.

bahria town karachi iqbal villa
Iqbal Villa Bahria Town Karachi
villa bahria town karachi

10 A 200 square yards villas

These 200 sq yd houses are located at the start of precinct 10A just adjacent to Bahria Town Karachi Fire Station and very close to Grand Mosque. These houses has the beautiful scenic view of Grand mosque and Bahria Town famous Hillpoint. These precinct 10A houses are 3 bedroom designs with attached bathrooms, a servant quarter, a garage and a utility and washing area. Precinct 10A 200 sqyd house rents starts from Rs.60,000/- on a 6 months contract terms.

10 B 125 square yards House For Rent

The precinct 10B 125 sq yd Houses is located just below the hill of precinct 10 A. These villas also come with a 3 bedroom design with ground plus one floor. A servant room behind the house totally separate where your servant can easily stay also there is an attach washroom to servant room. A balcony with a great landscape view of precinct 10 Hills and Golf city slopes. A lush green garden and garage with a parking area to provide comfortable car parking. Precinct 10B 125 sqyd house rents starts from Rs.50,000/- on a 3+3 months contract terms in which 3 months will be security deposit and 3 months will be advance rent.

Precinct 11 Bahria Town Karachi Villas For rent

11A 200 Sqyd Villas

Precinct 11A villas are adjacent to Ali block and Fire station of Bahria Town Karachi. These villas are same like Quaid villas in terms of design. Same 3 bedroom designed is offered in this precinct with a spacious dining area and lounge. The area is at a good elevated land of approx 200 feet from the ground so it provides a mesmerising view and a great healthy life style. For kids there are plenty of playgrounds and sports complexes near by. A shopping gallery is just a minute drive from precinct 11A villas Bahria Town Karachi. The rent of precinct 11A 200 square yards villas starts from Rs.50,000/- Monthly.

11A and B 152 sqYd villas

The 152 square yards precinct 11A villas are very similar to Iqbal villas of Bahria Homes. The 3 bedroom design is very simple with a beautiful garden and an amazing view of precinct 11 hills. A lush green park for kids adds beauty to this wonderful precinct. All facilities are like mosque, groceries, pharmacies, shopping marts, meat shops, salons and gyms are at the walking distance from these villas. Whole area is very well guarded under 24/7  vigilance team of Bahria Town Karachi Security Department. Rents 152 square yards villa of precinct 11A and 11B is between Rs.45,000/- To Rs.55,000/-. The rental agreement will be 6 months.

11B 125 SqYd villas

Precinct 11B villas are down the hill near to golf area and road leading towards Bahria Elementary School. These villas are designed much more like Iqbal villas with a hut-type design. A beautiful scenic view of hill point provides an amazing experience from balconies. Neat clean area with proper drainage and maintenance provide and immense lifestyle to Bahria Town Karachi Residents. At current market of Bahria Town Karachi the rents of 11B are comparatively lower than Precinct 11A Villas. The current rent of precinct 11B 125 square yards type villas is between Rs.40,000/- To Rs.50,000/- with 3 plus 3 terms.

Bahria Greens Karachi

Bahria Town Ali block Precinct 12

Bahria Town Karachi Ali Block is located just behind Grand Mosque and Fire station in precinct 12. The Ali block Houses comes with two types first is 250 square yards and second covers area of 125 square yards. Both are 3 bed luxury house for rent in Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Town Ali Block is famous for its prior location and all nearby facilities like petrol pump, shopping galleries and schools. At the moment house for rent in Bahria Town Karachi Ali block is between Rs.50,000/- To Rs.65,000/- depending on location and size. Our experience real estate agents will help you find best house for rent in Ali Block Bahria Town. You may see our new entries or contact our team for any kind of information.

Paradise Villa Bahria Town Karachi

Paradise Villas in Bahria Town Karachi are considered to be one of the most luxury villas in Pakistan. Paradise villas comes in 3 types. First is 250 square yards 3 bedroom design, second is 500 square yards 5 master bedroom luxury design and the third is 1000 square yards luxury resort type design. Paradise villas are located just adjacent to the Grand mosque and behind Bahria Central Park apartments. Amazing lush green views and an open air theatre creates a mesmerising attraction to Paradise Villa. Rents of Paradise Villa Bahria Town Karachi 500 square yards starts from Rs.65,000/- on a monthly basis with a 6 months rental agreement. 

Bahria Paradise Villas Karachi

Paradise Villa Bahria Town Karachi Floor Plan

These villa are ground plus one construction with 5 bedroom design.

Bahria Paradise Ground Floor Plan
Bahria Paradise First Floor Plan

Sports City Villa Bahria Town Karachi

Sport City is one of the most beautiful place in Bahria Town Karachi. Mainly it is named because of famous Rafi Cricket stadium in its vicinity. Lush green jogging parks, Bahria school and shopping markets are nearby. It won’t be wrong to say it will be the most popular are of Bahria Town Karach once Rafi Cricket Stadium construction is complete. Sport city villas are 350 square yards 4 Bedroom villas with state of the art modern designing. Beautiful Balcony views of sports city and immense greenery adds beauty to this wonderful area. You can easily find villa for rent in sports city from our listings.

Bahria Sports City Villas

Sports City Villas Floor Plan

You can see below floor plan of 350 square yards Bahria Town Karachi Sports City Villas.

Bahria Sports City VIllas Floor Plan

Find your Dream House For Rent In Bahria Town Karachi

There are many more houses and villas in Bahria Town Karachi for rent only the most famous once are mentioned above. The house rents in Bahria Town Karachi are quite reasonable compared with any elite society of Karachi or Pakistan. Finding a dream house to live is always the hardest and the most important decision to make in life. The wrong decision could lead you towards worst neighbourhood. Our team at Bahria Town Listings is working round the clock to find best and latest listings for villa for rent in Bahria Town Karachi. We update new and most precise property listings to match your needs. We have implemented many search filters for you which provides accurate results matching customer needs. At the property detail page you will see agent information to contact directly via Whatsapp, Email or Facebook. You can also see our Twitter and Instagram handler for latest news and updates.

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