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Plots For Sale Bahria Town Karachi

plot for sale bahria town karachi

If you are looking for a plot for sale in Bahria Town Karachi for residential purposes or investment making the right decision is the most important part. Buying a plot is indeed one of the hardest decisions in a lifetime. It took years and years to save such a huge amount of money to plan and invest in a plot.  Bahria Town Karachi is indeed the largest housing scheme in Pakistan covering thousands of acres of land in Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi is in no comparison to the real estate markets of Pakistan when it comes to price increase against time. In just 8 years Bahria Town Karachi build so much credibility in real estate markets all over the world not only Pakistani people are looking to invest in plots in Bahria Town Karachi but overseas Pakistanis, Businessman, Investors all across the globe are putting a huge amount of money in Bahria Town Karachi plots. There are thousands of plots for sale in Bahria Town Karachi, not only residential but also commercial plots are also available in BTK. In just 4 years Bahria manages to populate up to 25,000 residents and thousands of investors across the globe. With the speed of growth of this great housing community, Bahria Town Karachi plot prices are also increasing day by day at a good pace. 

Residential plot for sale Bahria Town Karachi

When the country is facing major shortages of basic utilities like Electricity, Water, Gas, and top-of-the-line security lacking, building and developing a housing community where these problems are taken care of with a promising service is indeed a big challenge. But Bahria Town Karachi did it and proved to be one of the best housing societies in Pakistan and now everyone is looking for a good residential plot for sale in Bahria Town Karachi at an affordable price to make his dream home. Residential plots in Bahria Town Karachi come with many variants. Bahria thought it thoroughly and knows very well about the financial conditions of people living in the country. For this Bahria Town Karachi offers a wide range of residential plots from a 75 square yards plot up to 2000 square yards Farmhouse. Bahria Town also launches plots in installments to provide a great opportunity for an average salary person to make his dream of building a house in Bahria Town Karachi come to reality. There are also overseas residential plots that are dedicated to overseas Pakistanis who are looking to invest and work far from their families and save money. 

What is the price of a Residential plot in Bahria Town Karachi?

As another housing society across the globe, the price of residential plots in Bahria Town Karachi also varies from location to location and also covered area. As of the market of 2022 bottom range starts from 16.5 Lac and goes up to 10 crores depending on location and covered area. Bahria Town Karachi also offers plots in installments. Low budget scheme Bahria Greens Karachi is one of the most popular among the residential plots on installments in Bahria Town Karachi. A rough estimate for residential plot price in the 2022 market is Rs.35,000/- To Rs.40,000/- square yards. The lowest is Bahria Greens and the highest is 5000 square yards Farmhouse.

Commercial plots for sale In Bahria Town Karachi

Commercial plots in Bahria Town Karachi are now becoming a center of attention for big investors. Bahria very smartly populated its residential areas first by offering very feasible rents and prices which attracted middle-class families to move to Bahria Town Karachi, this automatically created the scope of businesses in this great housing community. With the increasing population day by day, the scope of business is also increasing. Now everyone sees a good future for business here and trying to search for the best commercial plot for sale in Bahria Town Karachi to start his business. Jinnah Avenue is one of the fastest-growing commercial hubs of Pakistan with high-rise commercial buildings. Like any other civilized housing community across the world, Bahria Town Karachi also dedicated a huge area of commercial land to businesses. Bahria does not allow any commercial activity inside residential areas and implements heavy penalties if anyone is found doing so. Commercial plots in Bahria Town Karachi are not that cheap compared to other residential plots. The most popular areas of commercial plots in Bahria Town Karachi are Midway commercial A and B, Commercial Area main Jinnah Avenue just after the main gate, and Liberty commercial area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which precincts of Bahria Town are best for investment?

Every precinct has its own goods and bad. But for investment as of the current market of 2022 precinct  27, 15, Ali Block in Precinct 12, 31, And Bahria Greens are good options as their market price is increasing rapidly and good ROIs are observed in the past 6 months. 


Is It safe to invest in Bahria Town Karachi Plots?

Yes, 100% because there is no duplication in files and proper accountability is managed by Bahria Town Management with full transparency. 


Bahria Is not leased why should we invest here?

Bahria Town Karachi is a private organization and the Supreme Court Of Pakistan has already given permission to continue the development. Bahria is completely legal and one of the fastest-growing housing societies across the country.  For further questions feel free to contact our Real Estate Consultants.


Which plots are good for short-term investment  8-12 months?

75 square yards and 125 square yard residential plots are very good for short-term investments.


Which plots are good for long term investment of more than 1 year

250 square yards and 500 square yard residential plots are good investment options for long-term investment.


What are the residential plots sizes offered by Bahria Town? 

Bahria Town Karachi offers a range of residential plots starting from 75 square yards up to 2000 square yards.


Are there any plots Bahria is offering in installments?

Yes, Bahria greens Karachi is a residential project started by Bahria Town in installments. As of 2022 Bahria greens are the only residential plots offered by Bahria in installments.


How BTL will help in finding the best plot?

Bahria Town Listings ( BTL ) is the only real estate platform in Pakistan that is dedicated to Bahria Town Projects only. We implemented the fastest search filters so you can easily search for the desired plot for sale in Bahria Town Karachi within a few clicks. So you will see only BTK listings in our database. Our Real Estate consultants work round the clock to provide updated and best listing options to the clients. You can also visit our Youtube Channel for videos.


Can we list our plot on your website for sale?

Yes, sure we accept direct listings from clients. You can also enlist your number to the listings but basic verification will be needed like cross-checking your original file with Bahria Headoffice. 


What is the buying process of the plot?

The buying process for pots is very simple and convenient in Bahria Town Karachi. 

  1. You choose desired plot from our listings
  2. BTL will arrange a physical visit to the location
  3. BTL will arrange  your meeting with the owner 
  4. Token money will be handed against receiving certificate. You will have 15 days for full payment
  5. Document process will be handled by BTL agent
  6. After 15 days when documents are complete final meeting will be arranged in which you will be provided with the complete transfer documents.


When the plot is transferred in our name after full payment?

It takes 5 to 10 days at most to complete the transfer process.


What are the transfer charges?

It varies from plot to plot. For estimation here are some transfer charges as per Bahria policy 2021-2022 it can change anytime.

  • 125 square yards Rs.41,000/-
  • 250 square yards Rs.89,000/-
  • 500 square yards Rs.129,000/-
  • 1000 square yards Rs.2,54,000/-
  • 2000 square yards Rs.4,37,000/-


What does OWN mean? 

It’s an amount of money that owner takes from the buyer as profit. 


Can Bahria Implement any extra charges in the future in terms of development or anything besides the transfer fee?

Yes, it’s possible because it’s been observed in the past that Bahria Town implemented extra charges on properties. But the official notice will be provided prior to implementation.


What are category plots in Bahria Town Karachi?

There are two types of categories in Bahria Town Karachi for plots. One is general and the second is called category plot. Category plot is boulevard road facing, Park facing, or Corner plot on the other hand general plots can be anywhere besides category plots. 


What are category charges in Bahria Town Karachi?

Category charges in Bahria Town Karachi are 10%.


What are on-ground and off-ground plots?

The plots where basic facilities like road and street lights are done including electric and water lines are called on-ground plots. And areas, where Bahria is still developing these facilities, are called off-ground plots.


What is the difference between allotment and non-paid?

Allotment plots or allowed plots are those where you can start construction immediately after purchasing. And Non-paid plots are off-ground plots.


We have a disputed file for our plot do you offer to merge or refund solutions?

Yes, we offer merging options against the disputed files. For refunds solution BTL real estate consultants are available 24/7.


Are residential plots good for investment or commercial plots?

Both are good.


What is the construction cost for a residential plot?

The construction cost for the residential plot is Rs.4,000/ square feet.


How the construction cost will be calculated?

 The construction cost will be calculated on square feet basis depending on the category. If you want constructions for the villa of 125 square feet with ground plus 1 floor the calculation will be like :
1250 x 2 ( Ground plus first floor ) = 2500 square feet.
At 4000 per square feet, rate construction will cost 4000 x 2500 = Rs.10,000,000.

What is the construction category?

There are four construction categories in Bahria Town Karachi i.e A+, A, B and C. 

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