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Weather Update: Rain Expected in Bahria Town Karachi – 1st March 2024

Alert!! Bahria Town Karachi - Heavy Rain Expected 1st March 2024 Residents of Bahria Town Karachi, be prepared! The weather forecast predicts a powerful storm appear in heavy rain in just 3 hours. To ensure everyone's safety, the authorities have announced the closure of all government operations within Bahria Town, including offices, schools, and public facilities like EV-Bus, until 2 pm.Please stay...

Weather updates Bahria Town Karachi

Weather Updates Bahria Town Karachi – Strong Winds Expected From Sunday 18th-19th February 2024

Western Disturbance - Strong Winds Expected in Bahria Town Karachi Hey Bahria Town Karachi residents! Feeling the heat lately? Don't worry, winter isn't giving up just yet!The past couple of days have been rough with those sky-high temperatures and dry air giving everyone the sniffles and allergies. But fret no more! A cool breeze is headed our way! ️A western disturbance is moving in from tomorrow,...

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