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Bahria Town Karachi Houses For Sale

BTL provides a vast range of Houses for sale in Bahria Town Karachi. With rising uncertainty in the country like an electric shortage, gas shortage, security situations and infrastructure it leaves no choice for people to look for a perfect place in Karachi where they can find peace and amenities. There is no place better left in Pakistan that provides a living standard like Bahria Town Karachi. When it comes to design and scenic views Bahria Town Karachi houses are second to none. With great infrastructure and designs, BTK provides an amazing range of houses starting from 125 square yards up to 1000 square yards. You can find a variety of houses from our listings if you are in search of buying the perfect house for living or for investment. Bahria Town Listings is the only real estate portal in Pakistan that is designed for only Bahria Town properties. Browse through our house for sale listings if you have any specific requirements about purchasing a house in Bahria Town Karachi you are welcome to contact us and discuss them with our professional realtors.

Types of Houses in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi offers six types of Houses. 

  1. 125 square yards
  2. 150 square yards
  3. 200 square yards
  4. 250 square yards
  5. 500 square yards
  6. 1000 square yards

125 square yards House for sale in Bahria Town Karachi

The most famous in this 125 square yard category is Ali block. Ali block is situated right in the center of Bahria Town Karachi. There are multiple precincts that have 125 square yards house construction with a floor plan of ground plus one.

The price range of 125 square yards houses is mentioned below precinct-wise.

Precinct 10b > 1.35 crores – 1.5 crores

Precinct 11b > 1.3 crores – 1.5 crores

Precinct 14 > 1.4 crores -1.6 crores

Precinct 15 > 1.4 crores – 1.6 crores

Precinct 25 > 1.3 crores – 1.5 crores

Precinct 26 > 1.3 crores – 1.5 crores

Precinct 27 > 1.3 crores – 1.5 crores

Precinct 28 > 1.3 crores – 1.5 crores

Precinct 31 > 1.3 crores – 1.5 crores

150 square yards House for sale in Bahria Town Karachi 

Bahria homes Iqbal Villa is one of the most famous 150 square yards house in Bahria Town Karachi. There are some other options also available in this area size.

The price range of 150 square yards houses is mentioned below for precincts accordingly.

Precinct 2 > 1.9 crores – 2.2 crores

Precinct 10b > 1.4 crores – 1.6 crores

Precinct 11a > 1.6 crores – 1.8 crores

Precinct 11b > 1.4 crores – 1.6 crores

200 square yards House for sale in Bahria Town Karachi

Quaid Villas are the most known construction of 200 square yards in Bahria Town with a floor plan of ground plus one. Bahria is also offering 200 square yards houses on other precincts as well. P2, 11a, 10a, 27, 31

The price range of 200 square yards houses is mentioned below precinct-wise.

Precinct 2 > 2.3 crores – 2.5 crores

Precinct 10a > 1.8 crores – 2 crores

Precinct 11a > 1.75 crores – 2 crores

Precinct 27 > 1.65 crores – 1.8 crores

Precinct 31 > 1.55 crores – 1.7 crores

250 square yards House for sale in Bahria Town Karachi

There are four precincts in Bahria Town Karachi with 250 square yards ready houses for sale which are Precinct 1 overseas block, Precinct-6, Precinct-8 and Precinct-16.

The price range of 500 square yards houses is mentioned below precinct-wise.

Precinct 1 > 3.25 crores – 4.5 crores

Precinct 6 > 3.2 crores -4.3 crores

Precinct 8 > 3.5 crores – 4.5 crores

Precinct 16 > 3.20 crores – 4 crores

350 square yards house for sale in Bahria Town Karachi

There is only one category of the house in 350 square yards which is Sports City Villa situated at Precinct 35. The sports city villas have a comparatively low demand for buying due to the distance from the main gate. Bahria sports city is 20 minutes drive from the main gate approximately 25 Kilometres.

The price range of sports city villa is 3 crores – 3.2 crores.

500 Square Yards Houses for sale in Bahria Town Karachi

There are seven precincts that have ready constructions of houses to be sold. There are 2 popular ones among all seven. First, is Golf City house situated at precinct 20 and the second most popular one is Paradise house situated at Precinct 51.

The price range of 500 square yards houses is mentioned below for each precinct.

Precinct 4 > 5 crores – 5.7 crores

Precinct 9 > 7 crores -10 crores

Precinct 17 > 6 crores -7.5 crores 

Golf City Villas Precinct 20 > 6 crores – 8 crores

Precinct 27a & Precinct 29 > 5-6.5 crores

Precinct 51 Paradise Villas > 4.5 crores – 5.5 crores

1000 square yards house for sale in Bahria Town Karachi

There are only two precincts that have ready houses for sale in Bahria Town Karachi with a covered area of 1000 sq yards. Precinct 7 and Precinct 9 both have the same covered area. 

The price range of 1000 square yards house in these precincts is 10 to 13 crores.


4 Things To Keep In Mind If You Are Planning To Buy A House In Bahria Town Karachi


There is no one-line answer to this question as there are plenty of factors that need to be considered when buying a house. Here are some major things to keep in mind when planning to buy a house in Bahria Town Karachi.

1- Location of the House: 

Bahria Town Karachi is spread over 45,000 acres of land and there are houses on almost every corner. So it would be a tough call to make where to make a purchase. If you are looking to invest then better is to select a location that has a great view and good prospects in the future. If you are planning to buy a house to move in, then you should consider things like distance from the main gate, shopping galleries, transport options, internet and tv cable options, schools, hospitals and mosques.

2- Infrastructure:

We are working in Bahria Town for almost 3 years and the most frequent complaint we heard from our clients is bad infrastructure. Make sure before making a purchase of a house that you let a well-trusted contractor take a look and advise you accordingly. Because once you bought the house and paid the amount realtor and owner will not be held responsible for any problems in the infrastructure. Some of the major complaints we have got so far are seepage issues, water line issues, electrical wiring issues, bad plumbing issues like drain lines clogging and drain water flow, roof leakage in rains, bad paint job, bad tile job, bad quality of hardware used in cabinets and wardrobe cupboards, low-quality toilet accessories including flush tank and showers, garage tile work and underground water tank seepage. We also offer an inspection service for free if you need it. Better to consult than to get frustrated by these problems in the future in terms of emotions and money on repair work.

3-Covered Area:

Always buy a house that is easy to manage and according to the requirement of your family. The most common mistake buyer make when purchasing a house in Bahria Town is they see the same house size at a very different price range. In Bahria Town Karachi, the market is a little different as compared to the local real estate market. For example, you can buy a 200 square yard house at 1.6 crores and the same size same design house at 3 crores. The difference is just location so keep in mind always make a decision wisely and not get attracted by big sizes. Keep the other things in mind too like neighborhood and your family needs ( commute, shopping, medical education, etc.).

4-Value for money:

Bahria Town Karachi is indeed a desirable location for investors looking to invest in a house. But there are several things that need to be considered before making up purchasing mind. The Bahria market is very uncertain and fluctuates way too much, better to consult a real estate expert before making a purchase if you are new in Bahria Town Karachi market. Without a doubt, Bahria has a track record of upto the mark state of the art construction, but real estate trade in Bahria is really tricky. 


High Demand And Most Popular Areas Of Bahria Town Karachi

Whole Bahria Town is a top choice when compared to other projects across Pakistan. But, there are some precincts in Bahria Town Karachi that are high in demand and comparatively, their market value is much more stable than other precincts. Some areas are mentioned below.

Bahria Homes Quaid Villa And Iqbal Villa:

Bahria Town Karachi built unique house style houses of covered areas 150 and 200 square yards. Quaid house is 200 square yards 3 bedroom house and Iqbal house is 150 square yards 3 bedroom unit. Both have 1 kitchen on the ground floor, a servant quarter and a garage. These houses are almost the same as houses in Dubai and that is the reason for the attraction towards these houses. The design is unique with state of the art road network and drainage system with an underground electricity network. These houses are considered to be the most stable investments to buy houses in Bahria Town Karachi with maximum return on investments.

Ali block:

The second most popular house is the Ali block house with a covered area of 125 square yards. The house is ground plus one construction but this construction is not done by Bahria Town Management. It’s a private block and an investor or buyer have to hire a private contractor to construct the house. As far as market value is considered Ali block is also a high-demand area in Bahria Town Karachi and indeed a good choice to buy a house. Ali block is just adjacent to Grand Mosque and fire station with a great hilltop view from main Jinnah Avenue. Within 3 years there is a 70% increase in prices so it’s indeed a perfect place to buy a house in Bahria Town Karachi.

Precinct 10A Bahria Town Karachi

If you are a mountain view lover kind of person then precinct 10A is a great choice for you. Precinct 10A is right in the center of Bahria Town Karachi with approximately 250 feet of elevated land from Jinnah Avenue. Due to its elevation, it gives a great hilltop view for sightseeing lovers. In Precinct 10A Bahria Town Karachi, there are only 200 square yards houses same design as Quaid houses. This precinct has all the amenities like a shopping gallery, mosque, school and hospitals at a close distance. This precinct is one of the top choices of buyers and its market is also very stable compared to other precincts. If you are looking to buy a dream house to live in Bahria Town Karachi Precinct 10A should be in your top 3 lists. 

Bahria Paradise Villas

Paradise Villas in Bahria Town Karachi are the largest houses in the covered area that are designed and constructed by Bahria Town Management. Bahria Paradise Villas is a 500 square yard luxury Villa. Bahria Paradise is very popular for its Central Park which is a replica of NewYork Central Park and a center of attention to every overseas Pakistani. 

Bahria Sports City Villas

The Sports City Villas is a little far from the main gate but one of the most popular areas of Bahria Town Karachi because of the Eiffel Tower and Rafi Cricket Stadium. Sports city Villas are 350 square yards of beautifully constructed houses in Bahria Town Karachi. A great design inspired by UAE Villas gives this block great popularity even though it’s 23 km from the main gate of Bahria Town. The sports city Villa has a great artificial fruit forest as well which adds beauty to the surroundings. This is also a great opportunity for investors or a big family who is looking to buy a house in Bahria Town Karachi.

What Is The Buying Process After Finalizing A Listing For House For Sale In Bahria Town Karachi?

Process of buying a house in bahria town karachi

The process is very simple:

 1-Once you choose the listings there is an agent contact form. You need to fill that or you can directly call or WhatsApp the agent and the agent will get back to you ASAP.

2- After receiving your query our real estate agent will contact you with the inventories and visit options.

3- Once the house is finalized by the buyer agent will brief with all the necessary documentation process and a meeting will be arranged with the owner.

4- Upon finalizing the deal, BTL will charge 1% of the total amount of the house from the buyer and seller end.

5- Final meeting at Bahria head office will be arranged with both parties for transfer and paperwork. 

6- Depending on the transfer time taken by the Head office our agent will be in complete coordination with both parties at all times. 

7- Once the file is ready, both parties will be called for the final transaction and file receiving. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Houses In Bahria Town Karachi

All houses for sale in Bahria Town Karachi that are listed on our portal are perfect in their own aspects. The most popular precincts are Precinct 2 (Bahria Homes), Precinct 10 (Ali block), Precinct 10A, Precinct 11A, Precinct 51 (Bahria Paradise) and Precinct 35 (Bahria Sport City).

Currently there are no house on instalment projects available. All instalments projects are delivered. But, BTK management might launch some housing projects in future. Keep an eye on our News and Updates section to be aware of announcements for new House on instalment options by Bahria Town.

Precincts 1,2, 4 and 10, 11, 12, 27, 31, 35 are most populated.

It simple as it sounds. The brand new house is the one that is never used by any family and everything is under warranty. A used house is one that has been used by single or multiple tenants of families and chances are the warranty is expired.

Precinct 1 and 2 houses that include Bahria homes Quaid houses and Iqbal houses are nearest to the main gate.

After purchasing some houses owners don’t bother to get the water line connected and test everything including water work and plumbing work including water tanks. On other hand, if you buy a functional house it’s in working condition and is 100% tested by the owner.

Ali block houses, precinct 10A, precinct 11A and Precinct 8 houses are near the Grand mosque.

Sport city houses are near Eiffel Tower and Rafi cricket stadium.

The one with a higher population and active shopping galleries or soon to be open would be a good choice. 

All are perfect. It depends on your needs and family size which suits you.

Bahria Town Karachi security is up to the mark with 24/7 surveillance and patrolling. All precincts are safe to live.

There are 3 main factors that affect the evaluation of a house. 




Yes, Bahria Town Listings offer selling services as well. If you are the owner of a house you can contact us to list your property and we will get you a good offer.

Yes, we provide a guarantee on stamp paper.

If the property listed mentions with keys it means the owner has the possession given by Bahria Town Karachi and if the property listed mentions without keys it means possession is not handed over to the owner yet.

If you are looking for investment then you can consider the old one. Sometimes you can crack a very good deal. If you looking to move in then it’s better to buy a new one.

All properties have different valuations.

Sometimes property comes with extra land or falls in the category mark. This means it is in front of a shopping gallery, park, or at a corner so it is considered a category property and there are some extra charges for the owner to pay for extra land and category.

Not much. You can only do some basic changes like adding a glass wall for separations Etc. Nothing major in design or infrastructure. 

If you purchased a house that is constructed by Bahria you cannot change color. All you can do is repaint with a similar color. Keep in mind if you change color other than the original one, you will get penalized by Bahria Town Management for violations of terms. For private construction yes you can change color as you want.

Yes if your house is above 125 square yards.

Yes, you can. All you need is to make an authorization letter with someone in Pakistan who can deal on your behalf.

Every precinct has different charges. Starts from Rs.3,500/-.

Some areas are still short of water and electricity. Almost 90% are properly provided with water and electricity.

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