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Best listings for Apartment, Villa, Offices and shops for rent

Real estate market is growing rapidly in Bahria Town Karachi which makes it difficult to find your dream place for rent. Bahria Town Listings expert realtors provide the latest listings if you are searching for a Villa, Apartments or for commercial activities like Offices and Shops.

Bahria Town Listings is the leading real estate property listing platform in Pakistan especially designed for Bahria Town Karachi where renters can access more than 1000 listings on rent. We offer our customers on demand experience by providing seamless end-to-end service.  All our properties for rent comes directly from the real estate managers and are verified by our in-house professional team. Our team will guide you throughout your rental journey from searching for a house for rent in your desired location according to your specifications and budget to final dealings and documentation.

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At BahriaTownListings users can find detailed property information like Photos, Floor Plans, Locations and Facing, Videos, Facilities, and Rental details, An Advanced search filters are implemented where users can easily find the exact property according to their preference. You can book a tour or submit your contact details directly from the desired property page, Our agents will contact you immediately after getting a query. When you are searching for a property for rent BTL is an indispensable real estate platform designed with a customer vision in mind. 

Amazing Facilities For Residents

Bahria Town Karachi provides a huge variety of properties for rent from small 95 square yards apartments up to 2000 square yards villas. Bahria Town’s management offers great facilities to its residents some are discussed below

1- Electricity 

Bahria Town Karachi provides continuous 24/7 electricity supply not only to homes but also to street lights and parks are lit without any Electricity shortage. If you are frustrated with the Electricity shortage situation all over Pakistan then you will not regret having a house on rent in Bahria Town Karachi.

2- Water Supply

We all know how it is in the city to live on rent and the problems faced by a tenant when it comes to water usage. Bahria Town provides clean and clear drinkable water without any shortage. The tanks are being maintained every month by washing water tanks and cleaning all pipes and filters. Bahria Town Karachi is the only housing society in Pakistan that has gone far beyond limits and built 12 huge dams where rainwater is saved and supplied after processing.

3- Fire Safety

Every building fire safety plan is finely designed to provide safety to the residents. The fire department of Bahria Town is highly professional and heavily equipped with the latest fire fighting technologies. Every resident has been provided with an emergency number in case of fire also fire alarms are installed in every building with fire escape doorways. Proper fire safety equipment is placed on each floor in apartment buildings where residents have easy and quick access to get immediate support.

4- Safety and Security

Everyone is aware of security issues in the country whereas Bahria Town Karachi security is providing the best security to its residents. All houses, apartments, parking areas, and public places are being monitored by the security department  24/7. For any emergency, they are right there to help the residents. In short in the dictionary of Bahria Town HUMAN LIVES REALLY MATTER. 

5- Infrastructure 

The infrastructure of all houses, apartments,s and villas is designed to provide comfort to the residents. This state-of-the-art housing society is designed using the best construction materials and a professional construction team.

6- Shopping & Groceries 

There is a shopping gallery in every residential block including marts, grocery stores, fresh meat & poultry shops, pharmacies, communication, fruits and vegetables, milk shops, cafes saloons, and beauty parlors.

7- Parks, Mosques, And Out Door Activities

A healthy life is a happy life. Bahria Town Karachi built parks, gyms, and sports complexes in all precincts to provide residents a healthy lifestyle. All parks and sports complexes are free of charge and children can play and enjoy all outdoor sports. State-of-the-art air-conditioned Mosques are built in every precinct where you can perform prayers and all religious activities.

When we are searching for a place to rent our main concern is family safety and security along with a healthy and happy lifestyle and Bahria Town Karachi undoubtedly meet expectations by providing amazing facilities to its residents. 


Rent updates for Bahria Town Karachi properties

Our team at BTL keeps updating the current rents on daily basis. Feel free to check our listings for rent below.

Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 192 Bed Apartments950 – 1100 Sq Ft30000Rs – 40000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 193 Bed Apartments2250 Sq Ft55000Rs – 65000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 194 Bed Apartments2950 Sq Ft75000Rs – 95000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 1Overseas Block250 Sq Yards75000Rs – 90000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 2Quaid Villas200 Sq Yards75000Rs – 90000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 2Iqbal Villas150 Sq Yards65000Rs – 80000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 10 AVillas200 Sq Yards60000Rs – 75000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 11 AVillas152 Sq Yards45000Rs – 55000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 11 AVillas200 Sq Yards50000Rs – 60000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 11 BVillas125 Sq Yards30000Rs – 35000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 11 BVillas152 Sq Yards30000Rs – 40000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 27Villas125 Sq Yards30000Rs – 35000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 27Villas235 Sq Yards35000Rs – 45000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 35Sports City Villas350 Sq Yards35000Rs – 45000Rs

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