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Bahria Town Karachi Apartments


Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent

Bahria Town Karachi Apartments For Rent

Good News If you are searching for Bahria Town Karachi Apartments for rent then you’ve come to the right place. BahriaTownListings is serving renters and property owners all around Pakistan, offering access to hundreds of apartments in Bahria Town Karachi with listings updated everyday by professional realtors. We are the only leading online real estate marketplace which is dedicated only to Bahria Town Karachi. 

BahriaTownListings is powered by the most experienced and professional team of expert real estate research team in Pakistan. Our team makes hundreds of calls everyday to different apartment owners and real estate managers collecting updated listing data and availability of Bahria Town Karachi Apartments. No matter if you are looking to rent, buy or sell an apartment our property management team will assist you by providing expert options that will benefit you and your business. 


Why Bahria Town Karachi Apartments Are Different

Whenever we talk about an apartment the first picture that comes to our mind is a congested, narrow and small accommodation. Bahria Town has redefined this thought and raised its standards to new heights by providing state of the art technology. All apartments are designed in such a way that all residents have close access to shops, parks, mosques, restaurants, Transportation services,  hospitals and educational institutes. No matter if your family is small or large Bahria town provides a variety of luxury options to choose from as the Bahria apartments come in 2, 3 and 4 Bed luxury apartments. Every apartment is equipped with all basic and luxury facilities, A modern interior design and breathtaking views from balconies make it second to none. 


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Precinct 19 Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi precinct 19 is the only precinct that is dedicated to apartments includes 2 Bed apartments, 3 Bed apartments and 4 Bed apartments. Every apartment building is named by its Tower number and currently Precinct 19 has 24 Towers. Each tower consists of 7 floors including the ground and 154 apartments. Towers 6 & 7 are 3 Bed apartment buildings and only Tower 8 is a 4 Bed apartment building.

Apartment Rooms and Sizes

  • 2 bedroom apartment comes with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a store and a lounge with a covering area of 950 square feet – 1100 square feet.
  • 3 bedroom apartment comes with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a store, a washing area and a dining lounge with a covering area of 2250 square feet.
  • 4 bedroom apartment comes with 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a store, a washing area, a Dining room and a lounge with a covering area of 2950 square feet.
  • Bahria Heights Apartments comes with a covered area of 1100 square feet. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a huge lounge, utility and store room. Bahria heights apartments are ground plus nine-floor towers with multiple facings.


Bahria Town Karachi which is one the largest project in Asia has launched super luxury apartments which provides luxurious accommodation for their residents. All the latest and unique technology which is used to design Bahria apartments with housekeeping facilities is remarkable. 


24/7 staff is available at reception for any kind of help and complaints from residents. They are professional and very cooperative,  whenever a resident needs any help they do their best to provide solutions.


The security provided by Bahria Town is second to none. They ensure safety not only to residents but also to their guests and business owners, everyone feels secure with their families even if it’s broad day or night. Their 24 hours security helpline responds promptly in case of any emergency. No matter, if you are a visitor or a resident Bahria town security, ensures your safety and security at all times. 


Flat for rent in Bahria Town Karachi

We know how important it is to find a perfect place to live. If you are searching Bahria Town Karachi flats for rent our realtors will provide you with the best listings which will easily provide you with multiple options to find out your dream place to live.

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Updated List Of Bahria Town Karachi Apartments For Rent

There are 3 types of apartment available in Bahria Town Karachi at the moment. First is 2 bed apartment that comes with 2 Bed with attach washrooms, Lounge area, a store with 2 balconies and a duct room. Second comes with 3 Bed with attach washrooms, Dining area, Lounge, a store with 3 balconies and a duct room. Third comes with 4 bedrooms with attach washrooms and one extra washroom in Lounge area for guests, Dining area, 4 balconies, washing area and a duct room. Our team in Bahria Town Listings keep updating the current rents on daily basis. Feel free to check our listings for rent Here.

Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 192 Bed Apartments2950 – 1100 Sq Ft30000Rs – 40000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 193 Bed Apartments32250 Sq Ft50000Rs – 65000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent 194 Bed Apartments52290 Sq Ft70000Rs – 95000Rs
Bahria Town Karachi Apartment for rent Heights2 Bed Apartments2100 Sq Ft35000Rs – 40000Rs

Our Commissions And Service Charges

Anyone who is searching for an apartment for rent in Bahria Town Karachi the first thing that comes to mind is the high commissions of real estate agents. Our team always delivers an extreme level of commitment at a very low commission margin with no compromise in quality of service. We know how hard is to find the best apartment for rent in Bahria Town Karachi, BTL assures safe and sound services and smooth dealing throughout the process. There are no hidden charges or any kind of tips, All the dealing will be according to the contract document. 


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