Internet Services In Bahria Town Karachi

Internet Services In Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi population is growing day by day so is the need for internet services. Multinet is the only broadband internet service in Bahria Town Karachi. Multinet provides a variety of connection types from 2 Mbps to 100 Mbps fiber optic connections. Multinet is Pakistan’s one of the largest internet providers and a very well-known company in the corporate market with over 2500+ customers in 100+ cities.

Which Internet is best in Bahria Town Karachi?

So far Multinet provides the best internet service with good customer support. Aside from Multinet, you can also use mobile data or internet dongles but in some areas, there are very weak signals or no connectivity at all.  Multinet is providing services to Bahria Town Karachi for over 3 years now and customers are happy with their service. Very low downtime and you always get a notification if there is any maintenance work going on.

What are the internet charges of the internet in Bahria Town Karachi?

Multinet offers a wide range of connection types. The Internet fee is between Rs.2,529/- To Rs.31,294/- depending on connection. The process is simple if you need an internet connection just call the Multinet helpline and request one they will guide you through completing the process and within 10 days you will get your new connection. The setup and installation fee is Rs.11,499/- which is taken in advance. They also offer cable Multimedia Box and other digital services besides the Internet so installation prices may vary on the package. Multimedia Box is Rs.11,500/- with a security deposit of Rs.2,000/-.

Here is the Multinet Tariff below updated 2023:

Standard Packages ( Monthly )

  • Speed 20 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.2,529/- and Bundle Rs.3,024/-
  • Speed 30 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.3,849/- and Bundle Rs.4,344/-
  • Speed 50 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.4,949/- and Bundle Rs.5,444/-
  • Speed 75 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.7,699/- and Bundle Rs.8,194/-
  • Speed 100 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.10,449/- and Bundle Rs.10,944/-
  • Speed 250 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.19,799/- and Bundle Rs.20,294/-
  • Speed 500 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.30,799/- and Bundle Rs.31,294/-

Monthly Packages For Corporate Users And Gamers

There are four packages for corporate users and For Gamers.

Extreme Gaming:

  • Speed 75 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.7,699/- and bundle Rs.8,194/-.

Streaming Plus:

  • Speed 50 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.4,949/- and bundle Rs.5,444/-.

Lightening Fast:

  • Speed 250 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.19,799/- and bundle Rs.20,294/-.

Ultra Fast:

  • Speed 500 Mbps Fiber Connection Rs.30,799/- and bundle Rs.31,294/-.

Additional Static IP charges are Rs.1,350/- .If you decide to relocate within Bahria Town Karachi Rs.2,500/- will be charged with no other installation charges.  

Contact Information:

  • UAN: 021-111-247-000 ( Dial extension 2 for Bahria Town Karachi )
  • Email:
  • Website:

For Complaints:

Multinet has call support mentioned above and also Whatsapp complaint number +92-21-37180000 where you can easily lodge complaints and get an immediate response. Feel free to contact Bahria Town Listings.

Note: This is just an Information post regarding Internet Service in Bahria Town Karachi. We ( Bahria Town Listings ) are not responsible for any complaints or operations conducted by Multinet.11,

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