Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz Hussain

Malik Riaz Hussain was born on 8th February 1954, in a small town of Sialkot named Sambrial, where he completed his matriculation from high school and dropped out soon due to financial and personal circumstances. Malik Riaz Hussain at an early age faced a lot of hardships as after his father’s passing, he was the sole breadwinner for his entire family so he had to go through a lot and for that, he worked very hard but later when his mother remarried to a person named Malik Ashiq their days got improved as Malik Riaz stepfather was a contractor and used to work for MES and other government authorities and that was the time He got career inspiration from him along with his first name Malik.

How did Malik Riaz Start His Career In Real Estate Business?

Initially in his career, Malik Riaz Hussain worked as a small contractor independently but later due to his hard work he got further contracts from MES and the military which commanded him to be a founder of Bahria Town. How is it all started? Well, Malik Riaz Hussain back in the 1990s turned his focus towards the real estate market and realized very soon that this chain of businesses in the real estate market is very attractive yet profitable so he decided to build his own housing society while providing people with a luxurious living experience that they have never cherished before. To do so Malik Riaz Hussain chooses the name of his housing society by the name of Bahria which is closely related to the navy and the people of Pakistan have great affection, trust and credibility for their army and navy so it becomes easier for Malik Riaz Hussain to attract numerous people to make their purchase or the foreigners Pakistanis to invest in Malik Riaz Bahria town.

Though, to be successful in any career you must have good public relations; and due to his old connections with MES and other government institutions, it becomes unceremonious for Malik Riaz Hussain to get his work done without facing any hurdles. Among so many people creating good public relations with authorities is definitely great and undeniably, Malik Riaz Hussain, Bahria town owner is one of them who knows how to build relationships with common people and as well as with influential people. Being a Bahria town owner or Malik Riaz Hussain is not as easy especially when you are creating a yardstick by providing the world’s best gated communities by the name of Baria town while keeping all the standards and benchmarks equal for each targeted city. 

Is Malik Riaz a Billionaire?

 Malik Riaz Hussain is certainly not only a billionaire infact he is the most powerful individual in the real estate market of Pakistan and Asia now who is also considered one of the known investors of Pakistan. Malik Riaz Hussain is the 7th richest person in Pakistan with an estimated net worth of billion US dollars. However, if you are ambitious enough like him then age is just a number. To date, Malik Riaz is already 68 years old and still climbing the ladder of success. Malik Riaz Hussain has expanded his business in an exceptional way that you will see his wonderfully developed gated communities in all the big cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Nawab shah.

Bahria golf city Murree expressway is another project of Malik Riaz Bahria town where you can buy residential plots of 15 plus Marla; all of these developments begin in the early 2000s and still there are many projects coming up next, especially in Karachi as the Bahria Town Karachi and Bahria Town Towers are the biggest projects of Asia. Malik Riaz Hussain’s entire business empire is associated with the brand name Bahria which is truly commendable. Furthermore, Malik Riaz Hussain’s popularity does not stop here as his company has 60000 plus employees making it one of the largest private sector employers in Pakistan; Malik Riaz Bahria town offers such great employment to every deserving individual with all other facilities.

Beena Riaz

Malik Riaz Wife And Daughters

Although after the passing of Malik Riaz Hussain’s first wife, Malik Riaz Hussain had two daughters from her first wife to brought up soon he got remarried to Beena Riaz who is the second wife of Malik Riaz Hussain from which he owns two kids and a son and a daughter; they both are enjoying their happily married life subsequently, Malik Riaz Hussain family is comprised of three daughters and a son. Malik Riaz’s family is consisting of his wife named Beena Riaz and three daughters. Malik Riaz’s daughter names are Amber Shehzad Malik, Aasia Amer Malik and Pashmina Zain Malik and an only son named Ali Riaz Malik who is the current CEO of Bahria Town  Organisation. 

Beena Riaz has a justifiable business share in Malik Riaz Bahria town and apart from being a business partner, she is his real-life partner who just not only supported Malik Riaz Hussain in every difficult situation in fact she stood with him in his thick and thin times. Being solely managing many projects of Bahria town she is also working in charitable activities keeping herself away from all the glamours and light which is indeed an admirable thing because people who are ironic love to remain in the news and spotlights but Beena Riaz is completely opposite to this she is a great example for working women who are ambitious to achieve their goals while balancing their professional and personal life.

Ali Riaz Son Of Malik Riaz Hussain

Ali Riaz Malik after completing his studies and begins his career by working with his father Malik Riaz Hussain. To get firsthand working experience. initially, Ali Riaz Malik worked as a procurement manager in Bahria town sales and marketing department to know about the tips and tricks of the Pakistani real estate market later he got his way up to being a project manager and eventually started his journey as the CEO of the Bahria town group back in 2007. Great things never come easy so wherever Bahria town group today is all because of the vision of Malik Riaz Hussain, Bahria town owner either it’s Bahria Town Lahore or Bahria town Islamabad both are the evidence of his hard work and vision that he put into his gated communities. Malik Riaz Hussain’s tireless effort along with his son has created their brand recognition distinguished which is truly matchless and unbeatable by other marketers. 

Ali Riaz Malik

Country’s Largest State Of The Art Gated Community

The gated community Malik Riaz Hussain has made for the people of Pakistan and the amenities each has is certainly worth a try. Since there is not a single city or residential society in Pakistan where you might not face load shedding daily because it is happening all over the country but to your surprise, Bahria town is the sole community in Pakistan that has its own power generation and where you can enjoy the electricity 24/7 despite under any kind of weather and crisis. Furthermore, this gated residential society developed by Malik Riaz Hussain is so secure that you will find it under proper surveillance twenty-four hours for their people. The apartments are well maintained in terms of security and cleanliness. In any weather condition or on normal days you will not find a single wire uncovered as all the wiring of the gas, water and sewerage system is properly grounded. Even though the garbage disposal system is quite impressive and efficient that you will not see any sort of litter lying in an open or public place, it’s a community as a whole with numerous amenities available in one town.

Almost all the Bahria towns located in different cities possess the same standard and basic necessities but the attractions it has are all somehow different from one another or at least one of the attractions makes it distinguishable from another one. For instance, the best visitor attractions of Bahria town Lahore are the Eiffel tower, the clock tower, a zoo and the Grand Jamia Masjid which is truly a sight for sore eyes and much more but the beauty of this Jamia masjid has its unmatchable whereas, the attractions of Islamabad Bahria town is Enclave Zoo, eye view park, bird aviary and of course the statue of liberty which people from different cities comes to see it very often and it gives a boundless of Bahria town from the top which people really enjoy. Malik Riaz Hussain has put up everything on point, uniqueness with modernization and elegance with exquisiteness. The international theme and water park are also really admirable which cover a lot of thrilling coaster rides in Malik Riaz Bahria town Islamabad.

Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi
Tauheed square Bahria Town Karachi

However, the Bahria town Karachi is the big thing among all beautifully developed by Malik Riaz Hussain, as Karachi is the backbone of Pakistan not only provides the bread and butter to its own residential people in fact, it provides the platform to other migrators from different cities to earn their bread & butter by making some money since it has worked for each of one. Due to its progressive nature, Karachi is the hub of different occupations and cultures and for this reason, people love to invest their hard-earned money in a worthy place that not only sounds reliable but gives them assurance that they have invested their money in the right place for a right reason and unquestionably Bahria town has made their name in people’s eye with their unbending standard and unique infrastructure. 

Bahria Town Karachi Lifestyle

How is Bahria Town Karachi Lifestyle

Even in the rainy season, you will see the posh areas of Karachi draining due to heavy rain and due to this people are so frustrated as they have invested a lot of their money in posh areas properties such as DHA, Nazimabad, KDA Housing society, and Clifton. Still, due to many reasons, neither the drainage system nor the sewerage system is smooth in this big city. In Bahria Town Karachi, the drainage system with its 12 dams can store thousands of gallons of rainwater, it is so admired that you will not see any sort of rainy water stopping anywhere in this residential housing community for this. There are many other admirable reasons for people to trust Bahria town owner Malik Riaz Hussain and his vision blindly.

Bahria town Karachi is being developed rapidly and it’s a mega project which is coming under the brand name of Bahria town group. The design of Houses, Apartments and Offices is no match compared to local builders. Along with all the best features, it has various landmarks and attractions such as the amazing duplication of central park, the taj mahal, the Eiffel tower, an amazing golf course and the biggest cricket stadium in the country and much more. Apart from this it also has several mosques, a top-class school by the name of Roots Millennium, a hospital and undoubtedly the DanZoo for kid’s entertainment. The attractions of Karachi Bahria town are not limited to this, there are more interesting features coming up as in this Bahria town you will find separate slaughterhouse spaces to slaughter your animals on the day of Eid Ul Adha; providing you with the unique space while keeping your premises neat and clean throughout these days. Malik Riaz Hussain provided the people of Pakistan with an international living standard and style.

Malik Riaz

Where is Malik Riaz home?

Malik Riaz Hussain lives in Bahria Town Karachi. The Villas is named after his son Ali Villa, so if you have any business matters or any charitable matters to be discussed with Malik Riaz Hussain then you may approach his personal assistant or a secretary to get your matters taken to him directly or you can drop an email to Malik Riaz Hussain official email address posted on social media for better reach. However, it is to be observed that other than Bahria town websites there is no other official website being launched by him to make such contact.

How Can I contact Malik Riaz?

To make a contact with Malik Riaz Hussain is not a smooth task because Malik Riaz Hussain comes among the top 10 billionaires of Pakistan and to make a contact with highly influential people you must have the connections or the logical reason to approach high profiles by the upper authorities but you may contact Malik Riaz Hussain through different platforms. His head office address is Phase 2, Bahria town Islamabad and the contact number that you can dial is +923345164991, or you can call Bahria Town Helpline for further assistance.

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